The Western Path

The Western Path

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Alt-Right Web Sites: An Overview

“Alt-Right” is a rather vague term, but I can’t think of a better one for what I’m discussing below. I’m somewhat favoring matters that are Canadian or of Canadian interest, partly for the sake of bringing the information down to manageable size, but also because Canada’s insufficiently analyzed 10 million square kilometers are enough to keep anyone busy. I’m generally leaving out sites that focus heavily (if indirectly) on Judaism vs Islam (Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Brigitte Gabriel are three well-known people here) since their concerns are sometimes tangential to those of other sites, even if there is a great deal of common interest. Other caveats would apply to fascism/Nazism, and similar topics. Speaking as a mild-mannered Canadian, I’d say that many of the hundred or so sites linked on are “extreme,” though I’m using a word that I don’t like other people using. It’s hard to draw lines anywhere, though, and I try to look at anything that seems informative and well presented. Some of these sites should be better known, whereas others perhaps drift into “paranoid conspiracy theory” or are just not very professional (by which I mean that they don’t stand up to critical analysis), but I have tried to favor sites that (in a sane world) would be regarded as academically respectable.

I don’t include anything that’s strictly a Facebook site, since FB tends to be a black hole (everything goes in, nothing comes out), as many of its critics have noted. I tend to feel the same about the videos of YouTube, another somewhat monopolistic presence on the Internet. Actually I’d be quite happy to get away occasionally from electronic transmission of data (which is not necessarily information) and go back to real books, but there’s no point in grieving for a lost paradise.

Most of the sites below are American, and I think only one ( is Australian. Ones with an asterisk are Canadian (all five of them!). Probably many sites could be added that are in other languages, especially European, or are based outside of North America. It would be nice if some of the rather free-form sites could be replaced by something that stresses statistical (especially demographic) accuracy. Expansion is possible in many directions. It would be possible to start creating some real databases, with accurate statistics, using all the searching and sorting powers of such programs, and with proper updating.

When you look at some of the en bloc moves made by others, though, it’s sad that we ourselves can’t even organize a piss-up in a brewery. Maybe it’s a genetic defect. But how is it that young Iqra Khalid could give a slap in the face to 35 millions Canadians, with her motion (M-103) in the Canadian Parliament against “Islamophobia,” and there was no defense? I won’t answer that one. (For a female to be slapping males was a nice added touch, I suppose, from some people’s point of view.) *
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